Why is Cable So Unstable?

Epi. 034

This week on Billy and Dan Read Comics! Cable’s first solo series promises to bring about something very good for us readers.  Plus we get a glimpse into the past of the Six Pack and why no one sends each other Christmas cards anymore.  Cable – Blood & Metal!  The past is always there to haunt us!


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Mojo II : The Sequel

Epi. 033

This week on Billy and Dan Read Comics! We hope you like Mojo, because it’s a Mojo heavy episode. Plus, Mogo 2 – The Sequel. Then the shadows of Xavier’s past become something of a Hazard. X-Men 10-13! Plus we dive into how connected Cable is to stuff!


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Billy Ruins Everything

Epi. 032

This week on Billy and Dan Read Comics! X-Factor tames the shrew and an entire story line centers around an all time x-ceptional pun! Plus Billy rants about Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and people who wear trench coats in summer. X-Factor 80-83! Rick Chalker! Number One Fan!


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No Mor(lock) Mr. Nice Guys!

Epi. 031

This week on Billy and Dan Read Comics! It’s multiple tales of sadness as things get emotional in Uncanny X-Men! Proposals, romance, and trauma all ending badly. Then we talk about skin tags maybe a little too much! Uncanny X-Men 289 thru 293! Cellular abuse! Gregg Thomas; Human Cop! Skin tags! The Cloverfield Paradox!
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Billy & (Not) Dan Read Comics

Epi. 030

This week on Billy and Dan Read Comics! It’s just Billy! Reading comics! DIFFERENT comics! Join in the fun as he takes a dive into the first six issues of the Dark Horse series Black Hammer. Secret Origins, homosexual alien warlords and a really rowdy nine-year-old powerhouse await! 

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Bang! Bang! Smash’em Up!

Epi. 029

This week on <dun-digudundigudun-dun>…..what the? Anyway, on this week’s epi <dun-digudundigudun-dun>…. Oh no! Do you know what this means? X-FORCE WEEK THE SEQUEL!!!! Issues 11 thru 15, brought to you by Billy and Dan and the letter tin. 

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Loose Ends and Wonderlands

Epi. 028

This week on Billy and Dan Read Comics! Excalibur ties up loose ends, we get a Phoenix history lesson, then everybody takes a trip to Wonderland. Excalibur 52-54! Plus, Billy can’t stop talking about Wildstorm and The Wild Storm. 

Find it at BillyandDan.SqueakingDog.com 

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The Switch-a Roo Change-Up

Epi. 027

This week on Billy and Dan Read Comics!  Wolverine heads to Japan on a rescue mission, but things quickly get out of hand!  It’s an X-Men Japan grand tour.  Wolverine 55 – 57!  New Year! New You! Ghost Clouds!!!  #Wolverine #XMen #Marvel #Comics #Podcast #BillyandDan

Tokyo Police Dinosaur Men

Epi. 026

This week on Billy and Dan Read Comics! We take a trip with a version of Excalibur that is dino-MITE!!! Then Wolverine goes site seeing in Japan, but the locals aren’t exactly happy to see him. Excalibur 51! Wolverine 55! Sick boys! Ninjas! Toxic transformations!

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Run to the Knolls!

Epi. 025

This week on Billy and Dan Read Comics!  The X-Men bust up a Brood party in the ol’ Big Easy and somebody pays the ultimate price.  Then, it’s divide and conquer as the members of X-Factor spit their efforts and make some beautiful music.  X-Men 9!  X-Factor 79!  Movie talk! BGR! Chopsticks!

Find it at BillyandDan.Squeakingdog.com

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X-Canny Un-Men

Epi. 024

This week on Billy and Dan Read Comics! Wolverine teams up with Shatterstar and it’s a game of hunt the hunters. Then Cable and the gang do what they do best, for better or worse, and Bishop joins the X-Men Gold team on an outing that gets a little out of hand. Wolverine 54! X-Force 10! Uncanny X-Men 288! So many of the things! 

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Hooker Nuns from Planet Venus

Epi. 023

This week on Billy and Dan Read Comics! Bishop is introduced to the X-Men Blue squad to mixed results, but nothing can stand in the way of a good picnic! Well, except secret marriages. Then, X-Factor makes a stop at the clinic to get that thing checked out, but with so many MiLFs around you know there’s going to be trouble. X-Men 8! X-Factor 78! Critters! Beautiful underwear! Zero Tubes!

Audio Was Made Here

Epi. 022

This week on Billy and Dan Read Comics! It’s a double dose of Excalibur goodness as the impending
doom of the multiverse looms and Necrom’s endgame is revealed. Plus a massive exposition dump! Can
our heroes save all of reality or will this be the end of everything? Excalibur 49! Excalibur 50! Excali-
perts! DC Talk! Satisfaction!
Find it at BillyandDan.SqueakingDog.com
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Randall and Porn-Stash…R.I.P.

Epi. 021

This week on Billy and Dan Read Comics! We get yet another future flashback, but this time starring Bishop and the mysterious tragedy of the X-Men. Is Gambit to blame? Also, combat gets down and dirty as X-Force and the Brotherhood trade cheap shot after cheap shot and Boom Boom finally goes boom boom, even if only for a short moment. Uncanny X-Men 287! X-Force 9! The Witness! High Lords! Arm clubs! 


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The Devil Wants Your Donger!

Epi. 020

This week on Billy and Dan Read Comics! Excalibur mount up and make a trip to Ireland to unleash the man in the box and meet even more new friends in the process. Then, it’s a jaunt across space and time as Wolverine and the crew try to bring an end to Mojo’s temporal tomfoolery. Plus, Billy says the word penis a few times! Excalibur 48! Wolverine 53! Wet catmen! Phoenix fights! Sex arms! 


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The Vic Chalkers Prophecy

Epi. 019

In Uncanny X-Men #286, the mystery of the Black Hole, Sun-fire opened has come to a conclusion that seems like it Fell on Black Days.  The story is over and we are left with A Burden in My Hand.  Where do we go from here?  Maybe to the Superunknown?  Either direction we go, it will most definitely be more interesting.  And X-Factor #77 picked up where X-Factor #75 left off.  Fun action and cross-overs all around!  The MiLF make their presence known and have come to spring some family from the clutches of nondescript holding facility guarded by the team.  Summer camp games and the coveted Silver Gauntlet!  And a surprise guest, Professor Vic Chalkers and his Gee-Cee killing machine!

Corpse Mules & the Future Boy

Epi. 018

X-Men #7 continues the Omega Red story which comes to a terrifying end as we find out that a past Wolverine may have sodomized the corps of the double agent with the Carbonadium Synthesizer.  It was never explicitly said that he didn’t so we assume that he, indeed, had a corpse mule.  So…creepy.  Psylocke came out swinging with a surprise of her own and finally the “A” team steps up and starts dishing out the ass-whoppins!  X-Force literally takes a step back in their story.  A step back in…TIME!  We find out that Cable is a Future boy!  But we spend some time in his past which actually could have been his future where a past Cable made his way to the past or the future.  Somewhere there is a time paradox that is going to explode the space time continuum.  So hold on to your butts!  This issue just may be the end of all time and space as we know it!

Temporal Challenge

Epi. 017

So we went through some pretty weird issues this week.  In Excalibur #47, we have a whirlwind of new faces showing up and a whole group cutting out.  Granted that because the world is going to end in the next 78 hours.  Which could possibly end up being a really bad thing for all of them.  And we learn of where Captain Brittan has been jinxed, which is why he has been so unsuccessful in his solo endeavors.  But Wolverine #52 takes the cake on strange this week.  Spiral has brought with her a literal whirlwind and now our heroes are at the Citadel, which is where the end of the known universe is about to happen.  Some pretty kinky plasma Wraiths show up and try to get the party started but this group wants none of that.  All in all, it was a very interesting read.

Strip X-Men! Where Everyone Loses!!

Epi. 016

We are dropped into a story in X-Factor #76 where the team is split due to a fight with the Incredible Hulk (Incredible Hulk #391) and Havok and Wolfsbane are missing.  The team searches and finds trouble with the Pantheons, while Quicksilver speeds off to find Wolfsbane in the city of Trans-Sabal.  It’s quick and action packed!  In X-Men #6  (a.k.a. Wolverine Solo Series #2) we have the X-Men who are captured, again.  And Logan is M.I.A.  But Psylocke has a psychic link with Wolverine and knows exactly where he is.  Unfortunately she is being controlled by Matsuo.  So take a listen and find out what happens!

Glen and the Gilmore Girls Kill a Podcast

Epi. 015

Hi!  This is Glen from Accounting and I want to say that this whole thing about how Lorelai, Rory and I killed this podcast is quite an overstatement.  To say that this is EVEN considered as anything close to what would resemble a podcast is VERY generous!  Like the Uncanny X-Men dealing with their crap-tastic story inside the “black-hole-alternate-universe-world”, there is nothing to progress the story other than disappointments.  Billy and Dan are just like the X-Force, namely Cable.  They are running just as fast as they can and have gotten absolutely nowhere.  I hope that someday these 2 guys finally get what is coming to them for throwing my name around with such terrible comic book stories.  If only their aim at my feelings were more like Cables aim at the Morlocks, I would no longer have wounded emotions.  I hate you two!                   – Glen >:-(

New Kids on the Block

Epi. 014

We are excited to bring Excalibur into our mix and we were not disappointed.  We dive into an alternate universe’s version of our planet called Ee’rath.  Where we meet the bad guy of the time Necrom.  He’s a little green man with big plans which is now spanning across dimensions and into Excalibur’s Mushroom Lighthouse!  This will be a fun read and looks to be something different than what we have read so far.  Oh, and we also covered the BAMF Wolverine!  A quick hack-n-slash at the mansion then a night out on the town where he meets up with a certain mutant with shape-shifting abilities.  And apparently there are robots.  Wait… huh?

Did someone mention the Nasty Boys?

Epi. 013

X-Factor #75 is a Giant Sized issue so we focused on nothing but the team this episode.  We come to find out that Mr. Sinister is the gentle-fellow pulling the strings behind the scenes and that Senator Shaffron is just another pawn in his “sinister” plans!?!  I know, sorry.  But we do get a well deserved end to this arc we have been reading but have been left with more questions that may or may not ever get answered.

Macheesmo and the Bitter Reality of Comics

Epi. 011

Wolverine is on a mission and will stop at nothing to get the answers he is looking for.  Except for some really neat motor-scooter stunts off the top of a building.  But not even Col. Nick Fury will stand in his way.  But a steel door and a secretary sure kept him at bay.  Wolvie knows where he needs to go to get his questions answered which leads him to Canada to meet up with a very angry Shiva.  Come along and join Wolverine and crew figure out how to unscramble his brains.

Rotten Car Bombs

Epi. 010

As we start X-Men #4 we find ourselves straight out of an Indiana Jones movie with the reanimation of Omega Red, who is here to finish a fight, that we weren’t informed about, with Wolverine.  All the while the X-Men are enjoying a little R&R and kick start a basketball game that quickly gets out of hand as everyone wants to use their powers because, what’s the point of having powers if you can’t use them?  The group decides to take a break as they all go on a date with Gambit.  It goes as well as you would think.  X-Factor #74 starts on a creepy note as we find the issues bad guy, Slab, stalking the team but is one-uped by the teams very own Wolfsbane.  Guido/Strong-Guy gets into a fist fight with Slab and the end up destroying a national monument and we get a hint as to who may have been really pulling the strings, behind the scenes.  A sinister plot is very much underway.

Bishop and the Table of the Furys

Epi. 009

Bishop has made it on the scene to which he is kicking ass and taking names in Uncanny X-Men #283.  Bishop and the Boys meet up with the “Legendary” X-Men while fighting Fitzroy and his hoard of baddies from the future.  Things get a little heated when Bishop (who has traveled from the future to the past in pursuit of the bad guys, into another time where the “Legendary” X-Men might have lived) decides that the Uncanny X-Men are imposters.  Seriously Bishop?  While Cable and the Gang are being blamed for the attacks on the World Trade Center by douche-bag Gideon.  That dude’s a total d!*k slurp.  Feral and Shatterstar share an awkward moment (at least it was for me) as the newest member of X-Force, Siryn, watches the whole exchange high above in the control room.  And they were whisked away with Wolverine who takes a trip down “false” memory lane to find out that maybe he doesn’t quite remember his past like he used to.  And now he’s hungry for more truths than what Professor X and Jean Gray have to offer.

Complimentary Nuts

Epi. 008 – Maddri, Claremont’s Farewell & Complimentary Nuts

We deal with the outcome of the Madrox on Madrox madness in X-Factor #73.  It’s a confusing, yet entertaining issue with tons of 90’s tidbits peppered throughout.  Including a “fist” fight involving Kermit the Frog!  The shadowy figure reveals a little more of his plan as he will target Guido (Strong Guy) next issue.  And we conclude the arc we are reading in X-Men #3.  Magneto comes to terms with what happened when he was with Moira McTaggart during his 2nd childhood and deals with the nuclear-plasma blast that hits Asteroid M.  Billy also explains what has been happening behind the scenes with the writers, artists and editors during this volatile time in Marvel Comics History.

In-Line Skates & Stalemate Victories

Epi. 007 – In-Line Skates & Stalemate Victories

We dive into the Weapon X “Sequel” in the Wolverine stand-alone issue #48 where we find Wolverine and his usual sidekick Jubilee traipsing through the wilderness to where the events of the Weapon X series took place.  Memories and questions is all Logan will walk away with here.  And in X-Force we come to the conclusion of the fight with Black Tom Cassidy and the Juggernaut.  The wind is knocked out of the teams sails when Deadpool appears and “steals” the show.  In Uncanny X-Men we find out just what Fitzroy’s plans are and how he is going to accomplish them, but his victory comes to an abrupt standstill when the X-Men from the future, Bishop and team, arrive to crash the party.

Madrox, Magneto and Cinnamon Chocolate Bits

Epi. 006 – Madrox, Magneto and Cinnamon Chocolate Bits

Diving nose first into X-Factor #72 we pickup where we left off with a dead Madrox and the X-Factor team reeling from the events that have just happened.  Luckily Madrox is there to shed some light on the situation just before his mental breakdown and we’re introduced to the shadowy figure pulling strings in the background.  X-Men #2 picks up where they last laid it down with Magneto giving the team an ultimatum and them dispatching them as soon as they decline.  But we are given a bit of tasty information regarding Magnetos 2nd childhood (ya know, like when the thing from that place turned him into a baby again or something?), which leads to Magneto’s surprise kidnapping of Professor X and Moira MacTaggert.  A LOT going on in this issue but it will pay off, or so says Billy.


Dun-Chicka-Dun X-Force WEEK!

Epi. 005 – Dun-Chicka-Dun X-Force WEEK!

Back to back issues of X-Force! We read issues 2 & 3 in this epic episode! With smash’em up special appearances by the Merc with a Mouth – DEADPOOOOOOOOOOL! And some dude claiming to be Weapon X. The adreanaline spews from the pages as X-Force preps for field training! And we get to see what ole’ Black Tom Cassidy had up his sleeve! OOOOOOOH YEAAAAAAAAH! This whole showdown comes to an apex on issue 3 when Siren joins up with the X-Force to take on the Diabolical Duo of Black Tom and (spoiler) The Juggernaut! The spanking continues all the way up to the point where your Friendly Neighborhood “Somebody” makes their 1st appearence on our show! Listen to find out who!?!

Uncanny Cluster F@*K

Epi. 004 – Uncanny Cluster F@*K

Starting with Uncanny X-Men #281, we get to experience the art of overcompensation. From the beginning to the end is a jam packed issue, with issues. From the Hellfire Club with Emma Frost to Colossus holding Jean Gray’s body in the street, it’s a book of visual vomet. But we do get to dive head first into the world of X-Force #001. Where the story is simple and the art is, to say the least, interesting. We hold nothing back on this episode!

Dawn of a New Era

Epi. 003 – Dawn of a New Era

We join the new X-Factor team getting to know each other at the X-Factor Headquarters in Washington, D.C. In X-Factor #281 the team is not yet complete and the recruiting process is in full swing. This new team needs a leader and a few familiar faces come and lend a hand in the recruiting process. And we find the X-Men team in full swing as Magneto is brought into the mix by a band of rebel mutants hell-bent on making the mutants the superior race on Earth.

Weapon X

Epi. 002 – Weapon X


We read the entirety of the Weapon X series. This comes in a 12 multi-comic issue and gives an incite to the X-Men character, Wolverine (Logan). We witness the adamantium bonding process to Logan’s skeleton and we witness the testing of Weapon X through the eyes of the “Professor” and his team. This is a must read for any true Wolverine fan.

The Muir Island Saga

Epi. 001 – The Muir Island Saga

The Muir Island Saga spans across 2 different X-Men franchises : The Uncanny X-Men and X-Factor, through 5 different issues. We begin with July ’91 Uncanny X-Men Issue #278. This story arc is the ending of a story line that has been cultivating for a very long time and we decided to start here to give a background of what is to become the new X-Factor and X-Men Volume 2 series.

Billy & Dan Read Comics

Epi. 000 – Pilot


Introductions all around! Welcome to the Pilot episode of what may very well be the beginning of something. Billy and Dan break down what the premise of this podcast sets out to become. It’s a good place to start listening to get a feel of how these two get along.