Uncanny Cluster F@*K

Epi. 004 – Uncanny Cluster F@*K

Starting with Uncanny X-Men #281, we get to experience the art of overcompensation. From the beginning to the end is a jam packed issue, with issues. From the Hellfire Club with Emma Frost to Colossus holding Jean Gray’s body in the street, it’s a book of visual vomet. But we do get to dive head first into the world of X-Force #001. Where the story is simple and the art is, to say the least, interesting. We hold nothing back on this episode!

Dawn of a New Era

Epi. 003 – Dawn of a New Era

We join the new X-Factor team getting to know each other at the X-Factor Headquarters in Washington, D.C. In X-Factor #281 the team is not yet complete and the recruiting process is in full swing. This new team needs a leader and a few familiar faces come and lend a hand in the recruiting process. And we find the X-Men team in full swing as Magneto is brought into the mix by a band of rebel mutants hell-bent on making the mutants the superior race on Earth.

Weapon X

Epi. 002 – Weapon X


We read the entirety of the Weapon X series. This comes in a 12 multi-comic issue and gives an incite to the X-Men character, Wolverine (Logan). We witness the adamantium bonding process to Logan’s skeleton and we witness the testing of Weapon X through the eyes of the “Professor” and his team. This is a must read for any true Wolverine fan.

The Muir Island Saga

Epi. 001 – The Muir Island Saga

The Muir Island Saga spans across 2 different X-Men franchises : The Uncanny X-Men and X-Factor, through 5 different issues. We begin with July ’91 Uncanny X-Men Issue #278. This story arc is the ending of a story line that has been cultivating for a very long time and we decided to start here to give a background of what is to become the new X-Factor and X-Men Volume 2 series.

Billy & Dan Read Comics

Epi. 000 – Pilot


Introductions all around! Welcome to the Pilot episode of what may very well be the beginning of something. Billy and Dan break down what the premise of this podcast sets out to become. It’s a good place to start listening to get a feel of how these two get along.