Bishop and the Table of the Furys

Epi. 009

Bishop has made it on the scene to which he is kicking ass and taking names in Uncanny X-Men #283.  Bishop and the Boys meet up with the “Legendary” X-Men while fighting Fitzroy and his hoard of baddies from the future.  Things get a little heated when Bishop (who has traveled from the future to the past in pursuit of the bad guys, into another time where the “Legendary” X-Men might have lived) decides that the Uncanny X-Men are imposters.  Seriously Bishop?  While Cable and the Gang are being blamed for the attacks on the World Trade Center by douche-bag Gideon.  That dude’s a total d!*k slurp.  Feral and Shatterstar share an awkward moment (at least it was for me) as the newest member of X-Force, Siryn, watches the whole exchange high above in the control room.  And they were whisked away with Wolverine who takes a trip down “false” memory lane to find out that maybe he doesn’t quite remember his past like he used to.  And now he’s hungry for more truths than what Professor X and Jean Gray have to offer.

Complimentary Nuts

Epi. 008 – Maddri, Claremont’s Farewell & Complimentary Nuts

We deal with the outcome of the Madrox on Madrox madness in X-Factor #73.  It’s a confusing, yet entertaining issue with tons of 90’s tidbits peppered throughout.  Including a “fist” fight involving Kermit the Frog!  The shadowy figure reveals a little more of his plan as he will target Guido (Strong Guy) next issue.  And we conclude the arc we are reading in X-Men #3.  Magneto comes to terms with what happened when he was with Moira McTaggart during his 2nd childhood and deals with the nuclear-plasma blast that hits Asteroid M.  Billy also explains what has been happening behind the scenes with the writers, artists and editors during this volatile time in Marvel Comics History.

In-Line Skates & Stalemate Victories

Epi. 007 – In-Line Skates & Stalemate Victories

We dive into the Weapon X “Sequel” in the Wolverine stand-alone issue #48 where we find Wolverine and his usual sidekick Jubilee traipsing through the wilderness to where the events of the Weapon X series took place.  Memories and questions is all Logan will walk away with here.  And in X-Force we come to the conclusion of the fight with Black Tom Cassidy and the Juggernaut.  The wind is knocked out of the teams sails when Deadpool appears and “steals” the show.  In Uncanny X-Men we find out just what Fitzroy’s plans are and how he is going to accomplish them, but his victory comes to an abrupt standstill when the X-Men from the future, Bishop and team, arrive to crash the party.

Madrox, Magneto and Cinnamon Chocolate Bits

Epi. 006 – Madrox, Magneto and Cinnamon Chocolate Bits

Diving nose first into X-Factor #72 we pickup where we left off with a dead Madrox and the X-Factor team reeling from the events that have just happened.  Luckily Madrox is there to shed some light on the situation just before his mental breakdown and we’re introduced to the shadowy figure pulling strings in the background.  X-Men #2 picks up where they last laid it down with Magneto giving the team an ultimatum and them dispatching them as soon as they decline.  But we are given a bit of tasty information regarding Magnetos 2nd childhood (ya know, like when the thing from that place turned him into a baby again or something?), which leads to Magneto’s surprise kidnapping of Professor X and Moira MacTaggert.  A LOT going on in this issue but it will pay off, or so says Billy.


Dun-Chicka-Dun X-Force WEEK!

Epi. 005 – Dun-Chicka-Dun X-Force WEEK!

Back to back issues of X-Force! We read issues 2 & 3 in this epic episode! With smash’em up special appearances by the Merc with a Mouth – DEADPOOOOOOOOOOL! And some dude claiming to be Weapon X. The adreanaline spews from the pages as X-Force preps for field training! And we get to see what ole’ Black Tom Cassidy had up his sleeve! OOOOOOOH YEAAAAAAAAH! This whole showdown comes to an apex on issue 3 when Siren joins up with the X-Force to take on the Diabolical Duo of Black Tom and (spoiler) The Juggernaut! The spanking continues all the way up to the point where your Friendly Neighborhood “Somebody” makes their 1st appearence on our show! Listen to find out who!?!