Dun-Chicka-Dun X-Force WEEK!

Epi. 005 – Dun-Chicka-Dun X-Force WEEK!

Back to back issues of X-Force! We read issues 2 & 3 in this epic episode! With smash’em up special appearances by the Merc with a Mouth – DEADPOOOOOOOOOOL! And some dude claiming to be Weapon X. The adreanaline spews from the pages as X-Force preps for field training! And we get to see what ole’ Black Tom Cassidy had up his sleeve! OOOOOOOH YEAAAAAAAAH! This whole showdown comes to an apex on issue 3 when Siren joins up with the X-Force to take on the Diabolical Duo of Black Tom and (spoiler) The Juggernaut! The spanking continues all the way up to the point where your Friendly Neighborhood “Somebody” makes their 1st appearence on our show! Listen to find out who!?!

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