Madrox, Magneto and Cinnamon Chocolate Bits

Epi. 006 – Madrox, Magneto and Cinnamon Chocolate Bits

Diving nose first into X-Factor #72 we pickup where we left off with a dead Madrox and the X-Factor team reeling from the events that have just happened.  Luckily Madrox is there to shed some light on the situation just before his mental breakdown and we’re introduced to the shadowy figure pulling strings in the background.  X-Men #2 picks up where they last laid it down with Magneto giving the team an ultimatum and them dispatching them as soon as they decline.  But we are given a bit of tasty information regarding Magnetos 2nd childhood (ya know, like when the thing from that place turned him into a baby again or something?), which leads to Magneto’s surprise kidnapping of Professor X and Moira MacTaggert.  A LOT going on in this issue but it will pay off, or so says Billy.


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