In-Line Skates & Stalemate Victories

Epi. 007 – In-Line Skates & Stalemate Victories

We dive into the Weapon X “Sequel” in the Wolverine stand-alone issue #48 where we find Wolverine and his usual sidekick Jubilee traipsing through the wilderness to where the events of the Weapon X series took place.  Memories and questions is all Logan will walk away with here.  And in X-Force we come to the conclusion of the fight with Black Tom Cassidy and the Juggernaut.  The wind is knocked out of the teams sails when Deadpool appears and “steals” the show.  In Uncanny X-Men we find out just what Fitzroy’s plans are and how he is going to accomplish them, but his victory comes to an abrupt standstill when the X-Men from the future, Bishop and team, arrive to crash the party.

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