Complimentary Nuts

Epi. 008 – Maddri, Claremont’s Farewell & Complimentary Nuts

We deal with the outcome of the Madrox on Madrox madness in X-Factor #73.  It’s a confusing, yet entertaining issue with tons of 90’s tidbits peppered throughout.  Including a “fist” fight involving Kermit the Frog!  The shadowy figure reveals a little more of his plan as he will target Guido (Strong Guy) next issue.  And we conclude the arc we are reading in X-Men #3.  Magneto comes to terms with what happened when he was with Moira McTaggart during his 2nd childhood and deals with the nuclear-plasma blast that hits Asteroid M.  Billy also explains what has been happening behind the scenes with the writers, artists and editors during this volatile time in Marvel Comics History.

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