Bishop and the Table of the Furys

Epi. 009

Bishop has made it on the scene to which he is kicking ass and taking names in Uncanny X-Men #283.  Bishop and the Boys meet up with the “Legendary” X-Men while fighting Fitzroy and his hoard of baddies from the future.  Things get a little heated when Bishop (who has traveled from the future to the past in pursuit of the bad guys, into another time where the “Legendary” X-Men might have lived) decides that the Uncanny X-Men are imposters.  Seriously Bishop?  While Cable and the Gang are being blamed for the attacks on the World Trade Center by douche-bag Gideon.  That dude’s a total d!*k slurp.  Feral and Shatterstar share an awkward moment (at least it was for me) as the newest member of X-Force, Siryn, watches the whole exchange high above in the control room.  And they were whisked away with Wolverine who takes a trip down “false” memory lane to find out that maybe he doesn’t quite remember his past like he used to.  And now he’s hungry for more truths than what Professor X and Jean Gray have to offer.

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