Rotten Car Bombs

Epi. 010

As we start X-Men #4 we find ourselves straight out of an Indiana Jones movie with the reanimation of Omega Red, who is here to finish a fight, that we weren’t informed about, with Wolverine.  All the while the X-Men are enjoying a little R&R and kick start a basketball game that quickly gets out of hand as everyone wants to use their powers because, what’s the point of having powers if you can’t use them?  The group decides to take a break as they all go on a date with Gambit.  It goes as well as you would think.  X-Factor #74 starts on a creepy note as we find the issues bad guy, Slab, stalking the team but is one-uped by the teams very own Wolfsbane.  Guido/Strong-Guy gets into a fist fight with Slab and the end up destroying a national monument and we get a hint as to who may have been really pulling the strings, behind the scenes.  A sinister plot is very much underway.

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