Glen and the Gilmore Girls Kill a Podcast

Epi. 015

Hi!  This is Glen from Accounting and I want to say that this whole thing about how Lorelai, Rory and I killed this podcast is quite an overstatement.  To say that this is EVEN considered as anything close to what would resemble a podcast is VERY generous!  Like the Uncanny X-Men dealing with their crap-tastic story inside the “black-hole-alternate-universe-world”, there is nothing to progress the story other than disappointments.  Billy and Dan are just like the X-Force, namely Cable.  They are running just as fast as they can and have gotten absolutely nowhere.  I hope that someday these 2 guys finally get what is coming to them for throwing my name around with such terrible comic book stories.  If only their aim at my feelings were more like Cables aim at the Morlocks, I would no longer have wounded emotions.  I hate you two!                   – Glen >:-(

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