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Epi. 022

This week on Billy and Dan Read Comics! It’s a double dose of Excalibur goodness as the impending
doom of the multiverse looms and Necrom’s endgame is revealed. Plus a massive exposition dump! Can
our heroes save all of reality or will this be the end of everything? Excalibur 49! Excalibur 50! Excali-
perts! DC Talk! Satisfaction!
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Randall and Porn-Stash…R.I.P.

Epi. 021

This week on Billy and Dan Read Comics! We get yet another future flashback, but this time starring Bishop and the mysterious tragedy of the X-Men. Is Gambit to blame? Also, combat gets down and dirty as X-Force and the Brotherhood trade cheap shot after cheap shot and Boom Boom finally goes boom boom, even if only for a short moment. Uncanny X-Men 287! X-Force 9! The Witness! High Lords! Arm clubs! 


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The Devil Wants Your Donger!

Epi. 020

This week on Billy and Dan Read Comics! Excalibur mount up and make a trip to Ireland to unleash the man in the box and meet even more new friends in the process. Then, it’s a jaunt across space and time as Wolverine and the crew try to bring an end to Mojo’s temporal tomfoolery. Plus, Billy says the word penis a few times! Excalibur 48! Wolverine 53! Wet catmen! Phoenix fights! Sex arms! 


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The Vic Chalkers Prophecy

Epi. 019

In Uncanny X-Men #286, the mystery of the Black Hole, Sun-fire opened has come to a conclusion that seems like it Fell on Black Days.  The story is over and we are left with A Burden in My Hand.  Where do we go from here?  Maybe to the Superunknown?  Either direction we go, it will most definitely be more interesting.  And X-Factor #77 picked up where X-Factor #75 left off.  Fun action and cross-overs all around!  The MiLF make their presence known and have come to spring some family from the clutches of nondescript holding facility guarded by the team.  Summer camp games and the coveted Silver Gauntlet!  And a surprise guest, Professor Vic Chalkers and his Gee-Cee killing machine!

Corpse Mules & the Future Boy

Epi. 018

X-Men #7 continues the Omega Red story which comes to a terrifying end as we find out that a past Wolverine may have sodomized the corps of the double agent with the Carbonadium Synthesizer.  It was never explicitly said that he didn’t so we assume that he, indeed, had a corpse mule.  So…creepy.  Psylocke came out swinging with a surprise of her own and finally the “A” team steps up and starts dishing out the ass-whoppins!  X-Force literally takes a step back in their story.  A step back in…TIME!  We find out that Cable is a Future boy!  But we spend some time in his past which actually could have been his future where a past Cable made his way to the past or the future.  Somewhere there is a time paradox that is going to explode the space time continuum.  So hold on to your butts!  This issue just may be the end of all time and space as we know it!