The Vic Chalkers Prophecy

Epi. 019

In Uncanny X-Men #286, the mystery of the Black Hole, Sun-fire opened has come to a conclusion that seems like it Fell on Black Days.  The story is over and we are left with A Burden in My Hand.  Where do we go from here?  Maybe to the Superunknown?  Either direction we go, it will most definitely be more interesting.  And X-Factor #77 picked up where X-Factor #75 left off.  Fun action and cross-overs all around!  The MiLF make their presence known and have come to spring some family from the clutches of nondescript holding facility guarded by the team.  Summer camp games and the coveted Silver Gauntlet!  And a surprise guest, Professor Vic Chalkers and his Gee-Cee killing machine!

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